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From a small Dutch start-up to the largest travel fare aggregator website and travel search engine, BOOKING.COM has grown extensively over the years. With more than 1,550,000 rooms reserved on the platform each day, the platform connects business and leisure travellers with the world’s largest selection of accommodation, which includes everything from apartments, vacation homes, B&B’s to 5-star luxury resorts, tree houses and even igloos!

What Needed

The company needed us to create a smoother and more user-friendly UI/UX for their app and website. Even though they were killing the competition and taking over the travel market, their platforms needed to be debugged and made seamless.


One of the major challenges was the time frame of the extensive project. Their website and app could not be taken down while work was being done, not even for an hour. More importantly, with such cut-throat competition in the industry, it was imperative to deliver quickly and effectively.

Our Solution

We focused on removing what didn’t work and on creating new services to better meet their customers’ needs. This would ultimately expand their business by diversifying its customer base and selections. Another important aspect was new markets to diversify their portfolio of products and services.


Our Strategy

The first step of this ginormous and complex project was to identify and list what all needed to go and be eliminated. Some of them included information chaos, user frustration due to red texts and pop-ups, and an old, outdated look.

Once identified, the plan was to work to weeding them out and replace the void with better, more user-friendly features that would be unique to the platform, making them stand out from the competitors.

Our Delivery

With the strategy in place, our teams of designers and developers got to work on a cloud test server, implementing all the changes parallel to the actual live website.

Using the UI to improve the feel of usability, we organised better navigation, added a helpful widget, integrated social media platforms, made payment a simple process by integrating card and wallets, made the search feature the highlight and easy.

We built the prototype for the app and website and delivered it to the client for feedback.

The Result

It took our teams a few weeks of sole focus only on to deliver the project without any glitches. The result was an extremely happy client and improved customer experience for the users of the website and app. The platforms looked better, felt smoother, and worked seamlessly, with no excessive information or deals popping out at the customers, and better systems for rating and review.