BUUS is an Australia-based mobile app platform that allows users in the country to find and book buses for private journeys coaches, fleets, etc.. The app provides real-time quotations, payments, and bookings.

What BUUS Needed

BUUS had a very clear idea about what they wanted from us. They needed a mobile app that would be their star, a website to complement the app, and marketing strategies to get the word out on the streets of Sydney.


BUUS was new to the market, and as a marketplace app it needed to align both bus companies and users looking to book. Failure to match both parties would lead to loss of credibility and ultimately a failure of the business.

Our Solution

Knowing the challenge we faced, we took a two-pronged approach to ensure that the BUUS platform did not end up in a situation where bus companies had no customers or customers could not find the right bus company.


Our Strategy

With the risk of not being able to match the bus companies with the right customers, our strategy was to market to and engage with bus companies in Sydney, in parallel to the developing the platform. This would enable us to get a sufficient number of bus companies on-board during the development process, and allow us to focus on targeting specific customers for those bus companies during the public launch.

Our Delivery

Considering our strategy, the first steps we took were to establish landing pages for both bus companies as well as potential clients with video animations to introduce BUUS. Our marketing team then gradually distributed content and commenced small scale marketing campaigns to attract and onboard bus companies.

From a development perspective, we developed the bus company application features first so that any early adopters were able to start using the platform, giving BUUS the credibility it needed. This also led to a valuable feedback loop from bus companies on the features we were developing for customers.

With a good number of bus companies on board, our marketing team was then able to focus on matching customers with those bus companies, before targeting a larger number of bus companies and customers thereafter.

The Result

Our marketing and product development strategy merged together to give BUUS an excellent foundation for growth. Our ability to target bus companies first during development enabled us to engage with them and involve them in the development process – increasing their loyalty with the platform. By the time we were ready to launch BUUS, we had over 30 bus companies on board.

With that number of bus companies offering twice as many daily bookings, we were able to focus on targeting and attracting the right customers for the bus routes we had. The consequent result was that it did not take long for bookings to take place and within the first few months of the launch, BUUS has achieved several thousand dollars in bookings.