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Eventbrite is the largest event and ticketing platform in the world. They have built stellar technology allowing people to create, search, share, and attend the things-to-do. They are active with tickets in over 180 countries, with more than 2 million events held per year. By making the ticketing process smooth and simple for both organisers and attendees, they have taken over the market of events.

What Eventbrite needed

With over 2 million tickets sold every week on the platform, they needed a solid, reliable, and automated testing solution to basically ensure the quality and smoothness of their web applications across multiple platforms, browsers, and locations.


Adding new features while testing the already existing platform was a difficult process that warranted a lot of planning and coordination by the core team. New features were taking longer than anticipated and needed more developers with the required skills.

Our Solution

We created a flexible automated testing platform capable of organising the data and testing any new features added. This solution executed itself by using different software that our skilled team of developers had worked on in order to deliver the desired results.


Our Strategy

Given the size of the project and the complicated nature of the platform, we broke down the project into smaller phases using the priorities given by our client. This enabled us to deliver working versions of platform quicker and also for the client to introduce any changes needed as early on in the development cycle as possible.

In Phase I, we worked with Eventbrite’s internal development team to rewrite their iOS data/network architecture, reducing a lot of complexity along the way and moved to the next stage.

Our Delivery

Due to the vast complexity of the application, we worked in smaller but more frequent iterations than normal for the development. This ensured we were able to deliver the high level of data accuracy that was needed. Each iteration involved the following:

  • We deep dived to understand how the client and server apps interacted.
  • We built out a new shared library to handle client server/server interactions.
  • We carefully refactored endpoints from the older codebase to newer one by one, making sure to keep the servers and unit tests happy along the way.

The Result

The result of our efforts was the effectiveness of the client’s platform and their satisfaction. They immediately noticed a difference in the speed of their development, testing, and debugging time.

Eventbrite is increasing focus on mobile test automation to support their various mobile apps. After months of work, the new library was merged into the primary app and handles the client/server interactions currently.