GLOBAL PRICING INNOVATION is the market leader in business intelligence, analytics and innovative solutions for the biopharma industry. This global business consulting firm supports price decision-making by combining robust data-driven insights and bespoke analytical solutions. Through this, they help the life sciences industry achieve day-to-day operational improvement and market access intelligence.

What GPI Needed

GPI came to us looking for a platform that would allow them to collect, evaluate, and analyse specified data from multiple pharma brands for their clients. In addition to that, they also needed the software to convert all the gathered data into visual results that translated into reports.


The availability of data from various sources is accompanied by a host of integration challenges. The main challenge for us was creating a single platform that not only assembled and assessed the data smoothly but also mapped it out in a sensible way for the clients to comprehend.

Our Solution

We created a flexible application capable of collecting and compiling the data, and conveying it to the clients in a comprehensive manner. This solution executes itself by using Artificial Intelligence to tap into the feed of multiple pharma companies across the globe to deliver desired results.


Our Strategy

Given the size of the project and complicated nature of the applications, we broke down the project into smaller phases using the priorities given by our client. This enabled us to deliver working versions of platform quicker and also for the client to introduce any changes needed as early on in the development cycle as possible.

During Phase I we built the core application architecture and services to collect the data. In Phase II we created the data algorithms needed to deliver the data visualisations. In Phase III we created the UI and data visualisations. Iterations were done throughout the process.

Our Delivery

Due to the vast complexity of the application, we worked in smaller but more frequent iterations than normal for the development. This ensured we were able to deliver the high level of data accuracy that was needed. Each iteration involved the following activities:

Designing – Our experts designed blueprints for each stage of development, ensuring each new feature merged seamlessly with previous development.
Developing – Our developers delivered each feature based on the priorities set by our client. Issues were identified as they progressed enabling changes to be made during development rather than after delivery. It was a continual process of observing, editing, testing and repeating.
Delivering – The client received a working version of the product every 2 weeks, enabling them to thoroughly test and raise any issues. This process continued until the complete product was launched.

The Result

The result of our efforts was the realization of GPI’s vision. We succeeded in delivering a complex platform that was not only capable of appraising and analysing intelligence from over 60 pharma brands as per the specifications but was also excelling in translating that data into visual learnings for users.

An interesting project in its nascent stage, GPI has now grown to be the market leader in the biopharma industry, delivering a range of services from pricing strategies to in-depth evaluations, all using the platform we developed for them.