MERYEM is a well-known and trusted psychic medium, delivering detailed and accurate messages from the spirit world. With over 25 years of experience, her abilities help her provide insights into various areas of life for her clients.

What MERYEM Needed

MERYEM came to us wanting a simple, clean and inviting website that would capture her essence, encapsulate the spirit of her work, and convey that ethos to her visitors effectively. She also needed us to design a logo for her along the same lines.


The basic challenge of this project was the nature of the project itself. With the market saturated with psychic entertainers, we needed to design and develop the brand and website in a way which helped MERYEM differentiate her true psychic ability in a credible way.

Our Solution

To focus only on MERYEM’s target audience, we designed the brand and website in a way which would appeal to her professional clients. By keeping the site clear of noise and away from the look of ‘entertainment’, we provided the ingenuity her work already has.


Our Strategy

The main focus of our plan was to bring the credibility and tone MERYEM needed in order to attract her target audience. This mainly revolved around the look and feel of the brand along with choosing the right way to target and communicate with prospective clients.

Our Delivery

We created a brand that showcased the best of MERYEM’s talent whilst at the same time keeping the look and feel down to earth and simplistic.
With the brand and brand guidelines established, we set about designing and implementing the website using the colour palette available. Our technical implementation of the website focused on ensuring the user journey from visitor to paying client was as seamless as possible.

Our marketing team created and distributed content that was designed to educate and engage MERYEM’S priority target clients in addition to running campaigns and focusing on organic traffic.

The Result

Our efforts led to a 50% increase in traffic to MERYEM’S site and a 70% improvement in sales conversion from those that visited her website. Whilst the majority of the initial traffic came from social media and distributed content marketing, the proportion of organic traffic increased month after month and continues to do so.