POLLSTATION is a new social opinion platform designed around the people and for the people. The platform allows users to talk and debate about a big variety of relevant issues. ‘Discover, debate, vote on big issues’ is their motto.


POLLSTATION came to us with the vision and ambition of creating a social polling website and app that would interact seamlessly with social media. The idea was for it to eventually become a social network in itself by interacting and adapting with the data.


Most polling websites and apps suffered from confusing user interfaces that made the process of polling difficult for the users. POLLSTATION’s first parameter was the creation of a site and app that had an interactive user interface and smooth polling experience.

Our Solution

We designed and developed an SEO-friendly website and app to drive engagement. The architecture was designed so that information could be delivered and shared easily across social media. Our marketing campaigns delivered increased awareness, thereby driving higher poll statistics.


Our Strategy

Our job was to effectively design and develop a platform that was personalised and adaptable. As they wanted to grow from simply hosting content to creating their own, we had to make sure it was dynamic as well. At the same time, an app with similar ambition had to be under works.

We built out a highly intuitive site and app structure that would be friendly to use for all visiting, polling and debating.

Our Delivery

The process of conceptualizing was pivotal for quality execution. We started from the foundation and built our way up one step at a time.

Market Research – We analysed the competitors, consumers and outlets in detail. In this case, competitors included sites like YouGov; the consumers included politically engaged social media users; and Twitter was determined as the most potent outlet.

Branding - Working with our target demographic of 18-40 year old social media users, we established a brand which was both authoritative, but also contemporary and forward-looking. The aim was to make politics more interesting in the digital age.

Visual Styling – Immediately after establishing the tone of the brand, we narrowed down the color palette and the font to match it. The use of blacks and purples lends it the digital vibe we were aiming for and the white (font name) font exudes bright openness.

Development – Using html and javascript, we then proceeded to bring the blueprint of our concepts to life. For the app, we worked on both Android and iOS platforms.

Evolution – During the process, our focus was on making sure there were no hiccups when the user was using the website and the app. We revised our coding, tested the prototype, and upgraded it again to the finest level of tuning to sync both the site and app with the user.

Marketing - Using our own creative team of copywriters, videographers and marketers, we created blogs, articles and videos promoting Pollstation to gain a foothold from which to launch.

The Result

The new Pollsation website is a testament to their command and credibility, with a sophisticated look and feel befitting their specialized responsiveness. It launched with all the tools to succeed – from a polished and user focused website, to an established brand with significant marketing traction.

Authentic testimonials emphasise their success. The architecture of site and structure of the app are simple to navigate, facilitating an effortless journey through all of polls, discussion boards, and other important resources.