SHELA is a video recruitment platform that lets candidates showcase their personality along with their work credentials and lets employers make more informed decisions about candidates before interviewing or hiring them.

What SHELA Needed

SHELA came to us with just the seed of the idea for the recruitment industry. They needed our help to translate their idea and business strategy into the right platform which included both web and mobile applications. They also needed our help to launch their business to their intended audience once the product development was completed.


SHELA was launching into a very competitive market place and competing against major brands that were well-known amongst both employers and job seekers. We knew that opting for a general strategy to target all employers and job seekers from the outset would result in a near certain failure.

Our Solution

We worked with SHELA on defining a clear segment of the recruitment industry that would benefit the most from its USPs. Afterwards, we focused on building the brand and product to be successful within that segment. This would enable SHELA to carve out a market for itself in the first instance and provide it with the foundation to grow.


Our Strategy

Within such a crowded market place, we knew SHELA needed a precise strategy and perfect implementation of both its app and marketing. Since it was a new platform, it was clear that we needed a development process that gave us maximum flexibility and the ability to evolve without starting from scratch again.

Therefore, we had the marketing and development teams work closely together during the process to ensure that we gave SHELA the foundations for success.

Our Delivery

The delivery of the solution that SHELA was seeking was broken down into several stages. This was to help us focus on both the business and user needs, and translate it further into product and marketing strategy.

At a commercial level our marketing team worked with the client to finalise the right target market and marketing approach based on the nature of the industry.

Once the strategy was defined, our business analysts worked with the client and the marketing team to translate the strategy into a product with features and a user journey designed to attract the intended users.

Once into development, our developers worked with our marketing team and client to deliver a working prototype that could be tested in the market place.

When ready, we launched the alpha version of the platform to test the business’ market fit. The feedback from the alpha launch was used to perfect the prototype further and to complete the development process.

Knowing that we were not able to launch with a platform void of employers or candidates, our marketing strategy was broken down into two phases: the prelaunch phase, in which we targeted employers, and the beta launch, in which we targeted candidates.

The Result

Our focus on establishing the right strategy at the outset helped us build a platform that would achieve success in the market place. This was verified during the alpha launch in which there were minimal, albeit important, tweaks to the product. With that market validation, we were able to go on and build the full product.

Once completed, our focus on building credibility through content marketing and the engagement of potential users outside of the platform began building traffic and platform loyalty. With that in place we were able to drive high quality targeted traffic to the application in order to make that all vital match between employer and candidate.

There has been a 34% rise in video job applications, bounce rates have dropped, and employers are finding it easier to select candidates. SHELA is now growing into one of the leading job video recruitment platforms in the UK.